Workshops & Competitions

Festival Photo Comp 2023

Thanks to all who submitted entries to the 2023 Festival Photo Competition which had the theme of ‘It’s such a lovely day’. The submissions captured what a great day spent at the festival means to different people and were a joy to judge. Congratulations to Chantal Elizabeth & Philip Smith who submitted the two winning entries, which you can see here.

 Ely Folk Festival Band Competition 2023 

Thank you to all the talented acts who entered our band competition this year. We had an incredibly strong range of entries demonstrating the range and diversity of amateur folk and roots music out there. The winners were Kelly and Woolley who opened the festival on our Peregrine Stage on Friday.

Youth Folk Challenge 2023
Isla Mae & Erin Elizaa who performed on Friday evening as part of the Youth Folk Challenge.

Workshops & Meets

Check back for details of our 2024 workshops and meets.  In the meantime though, if you’re a tunesmith there is a downloadable tunebook with 60 tunes which you can download here: There is also an abc file which can be played in any abc player……. The tunes  were written in EasyABC which is a free download for Linux and Windows.

The tunebook contains Waltzes, Jigs, Polkas & Reels, Marches, Hornpipes and Rants, Schottiches and Slow Airs.  All are in the key of G and all within the compass of melodeons, fiddles, harmonicas, recorders, whistles, etc. The tunes are basic versions without ornamentations or frills and with simple guitar chords.



Music Line Up

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