The Magpies

It has only been a short space of time since The Magpies burst onto the UK folk scene, but they have already made a huge impression with their fresh brand of transatlantic neo-folk and have been ‘making waves wherever they play’ (Phil Beer, Show of Hands). Based on a deeply felt musical friendship, The Magpies each draw on their wide-ranging influences to create a unique blend of transatlantic folk. The band comprises guitarist, banjo-player and singer Bella Gaffney; clawhammer banjo player and singer Kate Griffin; and acclaimed fiddle-player Holly Brandon. A fervent thread of feminism runs through the album and indeed the three are champions of gender equality in the music industry. Here are themes of sisterhood and solidarity, tricky relationships and rueful reflection as they seamlessly switch between Anglo and American roots – traversing traditional folk, bluegrass, Celtic and Appalachian trails.

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