Sefo Kanuteh

Sefo Kanuteh is a virtuosic, soulful and authentic Kora and Balafon player from The Gambia. Having worked closely on major projects with artists such as Baba Maal and The BKO Quintet, his drive to recreate the warmth of his home community in the UK is shown through his inspiring audience engagement during performances, as well as his various workshops throughout Europe, teaching the importance of Gambian culture. Sefo’s music has been described as mesmerising and magical. His compositions are a melodic mixture of highly-valued traditional pieces interwoven with styles from every continent, planting Sefo as a contemporary Mande musician. Sefo’s music sings of his life, family and freedom. Certain of his cultural roots, Sefo’s kora and balafon blends beautifully with other genres including Latin, reggae, jazz, blues and pop.

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