Orphean Sprig

As a nod to their beginnings, Orphean Sprig like to include an element of spontaneity in performances, a characteristic of the sessions in which they met in the Cambridge session scene. They are an instrumental folk band with a shared passion for the traditional music of Scotland. Comprising a guitar, three fiddles, and occasional viola, they explore arrangements of traditional, contemporary, and self-penned tunes, creating a rich texture and original sound.  Orphean Sprig comprises Songyuan Zhao (guitar), Isobel Barber (fiddle), Liam Cooke (fiddle) and Isaac Uden, (fiddle and viola). They performed at the 2023 Ely Folk Festival as part of our Local Bands Showcase and we were so impressed by their energy and sound that we invited them back again this year to perform on Kingfisher stage on Sunday evening.



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