Kids Stuff 2021

Kids Stuff

Kids love Ely Folk Festival as there’s so much to do… crafts…music…story-telling…yoga…family concert…kids procession…games…fun…play…and lots more. Parents love Ely Folk Festival as the festival arena is compact and it’s easy to keep an eye on your little ones while soaking up the music and festival atmosphere. Activities for younger festival visitors at the 2021 festival includes:

  • Story telling with Marion Leeper
  • Ely Carnival Arts
  • Pop-up Pottery
  • Maddog crafts
  • Percussion workshops with Fara
  • Family Concert with Megson
  • Yoga for Young People



2021 acts include:

Show of Hands
Midnight Skyracer
The Young’uns
Blackbeard’s Tea Party
Brookes Williams
Chris While & Julie Matthews
Noble Jacks
Martyn Joseph
Thomas McCarthy
Merry Hell
Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage