Keith Donnelly

What Keith Donnelly can [and frequently does!] do….stand-up comic, fall-down comedian, surreal snigger-songwriter, guitar-hero, performance-artist, [tall] story-teller, philophoser, scriptwriter, [none can] compere, man-of-mystery, inner-childminder, actor, stuntman, metaphysical-poet, human ping-pong ball, life and soul of the [kids] party, world-class athlete, leading socialite, raconteur, business tycoon, wit, author, half-wit, secret[sh!]-agent, [vauxhall] astral-traveller, shamen, geordie-cultural-attache, word-juggler, snake-charmer, underline-dancer,unexpected clairvoyant…..and lots more. You get the idea! Keith Donnelly is a warm, funny, talented human and we’re delighted that he will be sharing his blend of Geordie humour & music at the 2023 festival. He will also host the festival’s family concert on Sunday afternoon.

Music Line Up


Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Evening

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Evening