Whilst growing up, Josh was drawn to the likes of Led Zeppelin, Genesis, Yes & Queen. More recently, Josh has become fascinated by the traditional music scene and has since been blending these two styles. His debut album, Into the Green, was received very positively by the national press, which was followed up by the ambitious Seasons Project, which saw him release a full-band arrangement of a folk song every week for a year.  After 5 star reviews, Radio 2 spins and a roaringly successful festival run, Joshua Burnell & his 6-piece band are taking the show on the road yet again. They’ve set feet stomping and heads banging with riotous fiddle tunes, electric guitars and a healthy dose of distorted Hammond organ thrown in for good measure. RnR magazine sagely opined “it’s only a matter of time before the bigger stages beckon,” after giving the latest album, Songs From The Seasons, a solid 5/5 review.