Oysterband make a modern, folk-based British music, acoustic at heart, sometimes intense, sometimes rocking. Since 1978 they’ve toured in 35 countries – festivals, concerts, bars, rallies, jails, bring ’em on! – won 5 BBC Folk Awards and made 13 studio albums and one DVD. They are still full of ideas.

In early 2014 they put out a collection of new material, Diamonds On The Water. The 6-piece line-up with Ian Telfer, Alan Prosser, Dil Davies, John Jones, Al Scott and Adrian Oxaal is well bedded in, and gigs are possibly even more fun now than they’ve ever been. They’re beginning to contemplate doing a “Best Of… Vol 2” to cover the years since 1999. Even after so long a career, they can’t help feeling the most fruitful time might be right now.