What time do the buses run from?

A free shuttle bus will operate between the festival site and city centre approximately every 30 minutes (and to/from the station on Friday and by request at other times). Buses will run at the following times: Friday 12.30 to 00.30 (first pick-up from Ely rail station) ; Saturday 10.00 to 00.30 ; Sunday 10.00 to 23.00; Monday – a bus will leave the festibal site at 10.00 and 12.00 and drop-off at Ely rail station & the city centre.

Who qualifies for the concession price tickets?

Concessions are available for anyone who is over the age of 66 or who is registered as disabled. Proof will be required on site when you collect your ticket.

Do you need any Stewards and what do they do?

e are lucky to have regular stewards who come every year, but we are always on the look-out for more. If you would like to apply to steward we expect 10 hours work over the weekend in return for free weekend admission and free camping on site. Duties include vehicle management, car park duties, bar work, checking wristbands, litter picking, etc. Check out our stewarding page for more information & details on how to apply https://elyfolkfestival.co.uk/get-involved


Are the venues seated?

The main stage is now called the Peregrine Stage and will be open air. You will need go bring your own seat or rug to sit on.  Kingfisher Stage (previously known as Marquee 2) which hosts ceilidhs, concerts & workshops has some seating around the edge and you are welcome to bring in your own fold-up seats for concerts and workshops; limited seating is available in Nightingale Stage (previously known as Marquee 3}.

What time is the first concert on Friday evening?

The first concert on Friday evening starts at 6.45pm on the main (Peregrine) stage.

Can I sign up now to do a short ‘slot’ in the Nightingale tent?

Afraid not, sorry.  Sign-up for the session is from 1.30pm on the Friday of the festival in the beer tent

What time do concert performances start and finish?

There are a number of concerts taking place over the festival weekend. Approximate start & finish times for the main concerts are set out below but they can alter at short notice. 

Friday evening concerts start at 6.45pm and finish at midnight.

Saturday afternoon concerts start at midday and finish at approximately 5.30pm.  Saturday evening concerts start at 6.15pm and finish at midnight. 

Sunday afternoon concerts start at 11.30 and finish at approximately 5pm.  Sunday evening concerts start at 5pm and finish at approximately 11.30pm. 

Please note that the shuttle bus operating between the festival site and Ely over the weekend will run until just after the finish of the last concert on each day.

How far is the site from the town centre?

The festival site is a 5-10 minute car drive and a 50 minute walk from Ely town centre along a footpath that runs alongside the A142, through Stuntney village, as far as the festival site. A free shuttle bus will run approx. every 30 minutes between the festival site, rail station and city centre (coach stop on The Gallery next to entrance to the cathedral). 

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What time can we arrive to pitch tents?

The festival site is open from 11.00am on Friday for campers arriving and setting up, and picking up tickets/wristbands from the box office. The festival arena will open from 1.00pm on Friday.

Are campervans allowed?

Yes they are!

Are bbqs allowed on the campsites?

We do allow bbqs, but they must be fit for purpose and at least 18” above the ground. Open fires (including fire pits) and disposable bbqs are NOT allowed on the festival site.

Is a plan of the festival site available?

.Yes there is!  Right here!

Where can I download information about the festival site?

Here is an Information Note about the festival site Festival site information 2022. Please do have a read through before you arrive at the site.

Are there any rules re bottles / cans of alcohol at the festival

Glass bottles or drinking vessels are not allowed in the festival arena.  There are no rules regarding cans. We run our own reasonably priced and well stocked bar on site and of course would encourage you to buy your drinks there.

Do you provide any concessions for students?

No, but students make very good stewards! Check out our stewarding page here.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, we’re dog friendly and welcome well-behaved dogs and their owners. When you arrive on the festival site, you will be asked to register your dog at the box office and will be given a numbered tag to attach to your dog’s collar. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. Poop bags are available from the Box Office and Control tents and you asked to keep your dog under control and clean up after it while on the festival site. We prefer if you don’t take your dogs into marquees during concerts, but if absolutely necessary, please try to sit at the end of a row if in the main marquee; and in all cases ensure you can easily take your dogs outside if they become noisy, restless, or upset other members of the audience in any way. We have complaints from non-dog lovers every year and the pressure to not allow dogs is considerable so please be considerate and help us to keep our festival dog-friendly.

Can we bring our own fold up chairs into the Marquees?

You are welcome to bring your own fold up chairs but please try not to obscure other people’s view. 

When can we sign up to play in the Nightingale Tent?

Performers can sign up in the beer tent from 12 noon on the Saturday. There is a 10-15 minute slot for the Nightingale Tent Best Performer on Sunday evening opening the evening concert on the Peregrine Stage.

What facilities are available for disabled visitors at the festival?

We welcome visitors of all abilities to the festival. Areas for disabled camping and car parking are located close to the festival arena – if you wish to book a disabled camping &/or parking space, let us know by phoning 07763 207603 when you purchase your festival ticket and we will arrange it. When you arrive on the festival site, our stewards will direct you to the camping and parking facilities, and if you would like some help setting up your tent or parking your caravan, please let the stewards know & we’ll arrange it. Disabled toilet & shower facilities are available close to the camping area and festival arena; as is an area for charging mobility scooters; there are also areas set aside for visitors with limited mobility close to the stages (the venue stewards will direct you to these areas). While the festival site is reasonably flat, it is a rough grazing field and uneven in part, so care is required when moving around.   See the site plan here.  If you have any queries or require any help over the festival weekend, let our stewards know, or come to the festival information point – we’ll be delighted to help. If you have any queries before arriving at the festival, email us at queries@elyfolkfestival.co.uk 


Can I take photographs during the performances?

Flash photography is not allowed, except by staff and press. Permitted photography must be taken in such a way as to avoid any disruption or distraction for patrons or performers.

I’m arriving by train, how do I get to the festival site?

The free festival shuttle bus will pick up at Ely Railway Station from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.

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Is parking allowed alongside camping pitches?

Unfortunately we can’t allow cars on the campsite, due to Fire Regulations and limited camping space. We allow cars on the campsite to unload and then we ask for them to be moved. Parking for campers is however within the main festival site and is not open to the public

Can we use an awning on our caravan?

Yes! no problem.

What time do we need to leave the camping site by on the Monday

The campsite must be cleared by 12 noon on Monday following the festival.

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