Hello Ely people!  Many of you will remember completing our customer feedback survey after last year’s festival and we wanted to give you an update on what we’ve done so far as a result.
  1. The stages will be realigned which will hopefully reduce or eliminate the problem of sound bleed, particularly into Nightingale.
  2. The open mic sign-up will now be after the arena has opened on Friday so everyone gets a fair crack at it.
  3. We will also be selling snacks in the bar and are making big efforts to source more low alcohol drinks.
  4. We’re also delighted to welcome back festival food legend Leon Lewis and his amazing vegetarian dishes.
  5. After much effort we have sourced a disabled shower this year and all the toilets and showers will remain open until 11.30am on the Monday after the festival.
  6. Finally (for now) we’re working on getting a new floor for the Kingfisher stage and improving the lighting and paths to the caravan field at the end of the road.
More news as we have it.