Bar Drinks Menu and Prices 2023

Price list:

Real Ale – £4.50/pint & £2.25/half pint

Cider & Lager – £5.00/pint & £2.25/half pint

Wine – £4.50/large (175ml) & £3.20/small (125ml)

Spirits – £3/singe (25ml) & £5/double (50ml)

Soft drinks – £1.20/can or half pint & 50p for a splash

Zero & low alcohol beer – £3.00/Ghost Ship (0.5%) & £2.00/Peroni (0%)


Lord Conrad’s – Slap N Tickle – 4.3% – Pale (V)
Light ale brewed in two stages with American hops and a lasting finish

Lord Conrad’s – Summer IPA – 5% – IPA (V)
Hazy summer IPA loaded with sunshine hops.

Papworth: Mild Thing – 3.5% – Mild Ale
Amber mild ale, smooth light roasted malt flavours with delicate hop finish

Papworth: Tooty Frooty – 3.5% – Summer Ale
Fresh fruity hop flavours with hints of peach and apricot. Vienna and Munich malts provide a sweet malt body, perfectly balanced by Archer and Rakau hops.

Papworth: Mad Jack – 3.8% – English Bitter
Fuggles & East Kent Goldings hops, caramel overtones, gentle citrus aroma and a long hoppy finish.

Papworth: Old Riverport Session – 3.8% – Stout
Balanced roasted malt, hints of coffee & chocolate and a dry finish

Two Rivers: Denver Diamond – 5.0% – Strong Bitter
Strong, rounded bitter & malt taste with a grassy, slightly floral aromatic character

Two Rivers: Hares Hopping – 5.0% – IPA
Refreshing clean-flavoured IPA with a distinctive late bitterness and dry finish.

Two Rivers: Porters Pride 4.5% – Porter
Rich porter with slight sweetness & smooth malt. Coffee & chocolate aromas and liquorice/vanilla finish.

Two Rivers: Norfolk Stoat – 5.8% – Stout
Distinctive full-flovoured, creamy dark oatmeal stout

Downham Isle: Main Street Citra – 3.7% – WCIPA
Citrus, lemon and melon flavours & a mid range bitter finish. Try it cold with a slice of lime! (V)

Downham Isle: Goose Ely – 3.7% – American IPA
Excellent malt profile with a distinctive hoppy finish. (V)

Three Blind Mice: Old Brown Mouse – 4.2% – Bitter
A traditional full bodied and malty best bitter.

Three Blind Mice: Juice Rocket – 4.5% – IPA
A juicy, hoppy session IPA with Citra, Mosaic & Columbus hops. (V)

Three Blind Mice: Amarillo & Mosaic – 4.2% – Pale
New England style pale ale with Amarillo & Mosaic hops delivering orange and tropical juicy fruit notes.

Nene Valley: Blond Session Ale – 3.8% – Pale Ale
Light golden session ale with a refreshing citrus hop finish. (GF)

Nene Valley: Australian Pale – 4.4% – Amber Ale
Rich golden ale with floral aroma, citrus & tropical fruit flavours from Australian hops. (GF)

Mile Tree: Hopfire Pale – 4.0% – Hoppy IPA
Triple hop, full-flavoured pale ale with a long lingering bitter finish.

Mile Tree: Meadowgold – 3.8% – Golden Ale
Pale gold with lots of hoppy aromas.

Mile Tree: Rolling Mile – 3.9% – English bitter
Copper brown ale with a rich malt flavour and subtle hop aroma.

Milton: Minotaur – 3.3% – Mild
A rich dark mild with bags of chocolate malt.

Milton: Justinian – 3.9% – Bitter
Crisp pale bronze-coloured bitter. Attractive bitter orange flavours persist into a satisfying lasting finish.

Milton: Pegasus – 4.1% – Copper
Complex copper-coloured beer. The initial hoppiness is balanced with a long fruity, malty finish. Very moreish.

Milton: Minerva – 4.6% – Golden Ale
Brewed with US, NZ and British hops for a powerful hop punch and satisfying bitterness. First brewed in collaboration with Prof. Mary Beard

Moonshine: Moonshine Mild – 3.5% – Mild
Dark mild, slightly sweet, smooth & fruity, with coffee and chocolate notes.

Moonshine: Cambridge Pale Ale – 3.8% – Pale Ale
Pale coloured ale: a well balanced beer with a smooth malt profile that is complemented by a restrained hop flavour.

Moonshine: Sundowner – 4.3% – Light
Light coloured with a rounded hop flavour from New Zealand, Nelson Sauvin and El Dorado hops.

Moonshine: Heavenly Matter – 4.1% – Golden Ale
A crisp, clean, straw coloured light bodied beer. Huge hoppy citrus, tropical fruit aroma and taste & a generous bitterness in the finish.


Cambridge Cider Company
Angry Wasp – 6.5% – Dry
Much Merriment – 6.7% – Sweet

Hereward Cider
Get Slaughtered – TBA% – Medium sweet
Merry Cherry – 7.8% – Fruit Cider

Spinney Abbey
Monk and Disorderly – 6.1% – Medium sweet
Virgin on the Ridiculous – 6.1% – Medium dry
Dirty Habit – 4% – Sweet

Cam Valley Orchards
Kingston Black – 7% – Dry
Discovery – 7.3% – Medium
Scrumptious – 7.7% – Sweet


Aspall Suffolk Cyder – 4.5%
Crisp, medium dry cyder with a delicate aroma and taste of fresh pressed apples. Crafted at the original Cyder House, Suffolk.


Calvors Helles Lager – 3.8%
Light, crisp and refreshing with exceptional flavour.


Real Ale – £4.50/pint & £2.25/half pint

Cider & Lager – £5.00/pint & £2.25/half pint

Wine – £4.50/large (175ml) & £3.20/small (125ml)

Spirits – £3/singe (25ml) & £5/double (50ml)

Soft drinks – £1.20/can or half pint & 50p for a splash

Zero & low alcohol beer – £3.00/Ghost Ship (0.5%) & £2.00/Peroni (0%)