Originally from Scotland and now based in Cambridge, Tom writes and performs songs to provoke, stimulate and entertain. His songs are about people, their emotions, attitudes & episodes in their lives – their not about ‘my soul is in torment’. Tom will be performing as part of the Local Bands Showcase in marquee on Friday night.

I’m originally from Musselburgh, just outside Edinburgh, best-known for ice-cream, fish and chips and lesbian comediennes. I first began gigging whilst living in Greece, playing three-hour sets to drunken ex-pats (most of whom I knew personally), and bemused Greeks. Upon returning to Britain I moved to Cambridge, where I still live now.

I’m inspired by things people say, things I read, words themselves, cartoons, feelings, daydreaming, Johnny Cash’s voice, Mississippi John Hurt ‘s guitar and Richard Thompson’s lyrics.

If you were to ask me why I started writing songs, I would answer “because I felt like I had something to say”. If I didn’t feel that, then I would just perform other people’s songs. I’m not doing this to express my pain, vent my spleen or as some therapeutic exercise. I’m doing it because I’ve got some ideas that I think/hope will provoke, stimulate or entertain you. If they actually do then, who knows, one day I might even get to quit the day-job.