Hereward The Wake’s daring commando raids against the Norman Conquest, gloriously crowned by his will o’ the wisp escapes along secret fen paths is the stuff of legends.¬†Poet Gareth Calway’s racy new narrative “A Very English Resistance; The Story of Hereward The Wake” celebrates Hereward’s underdogged routing of the Normans, from the Siege of Ely and the Sack of Peterborough Abbey to his later real-life Robin Hood resistance in the greenwoods of Northamptonshire. Based on contemporary Latin sources later compiled by 12C monks, this hero- tale contains very much more actual history than other national legends as well as the added thrill of romance and magic. Andy Wall (lead vocals & guitar) and Vanessa Wood-Davies (harp & backing vocals) will join Gareth in a riveting retelling of this tale on Saturday at Ely Folk Festival.