Prescribing soulful remedies are just one of the many abilities that The Barefoot Doctors share as they travel the UK dispensing their wholesome brand of rhythm and blues music to all that seek therapeutic healing. Comprising the golden vocals of Stella Hensley, the spiritual guitar of Chris Newman, the unstoppable grooves of bassist Lee- cave Berry and the shamanic trance of drummer Liam Gray, this line up is regularly augmented with the amazing talents of Myke Clifford- sax, flute & vocals, the wizardry of Colin Hazel on keys and the legendary Kimberley Rew on guitar. The Barefoot Doctors know and understand how to bring a smile back to a forlorn face, a bounce back to tired feet and manifest a feeling of tranquillity to man, woman and dog. Centuries ago doctors, shamans or healers in the Far East would walk barefoot from village to village dispensing healing to those in need. Today, you can witness that same soulful healing courtesy of The Barefoot Doctors – seven willing shamans steeped in the art of performing rhythm and blues that will reach all the way down to touch your very soul and lift you to a new awareness of what great music can do for the spirit. The Barefoot Doctors, healing soles since 2010