Stewarding at Ely Folk Festival

Our team of 160 volunteer stewards are the backbone of Ely Folk Festival. Without them it just couldn’t happen.

If you are interested in stewarding at the 2019 festival, read on….

  • Have a look at our note about Being at Steward at Ely Folk Festival which sets out stewarding essentials, the range of stewarding duties available and details about how to apply. You’ll spot a common theme in the Useful Skills lists – friendly and helpful. We aim to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable festival that is memorable for all the right reasons and you’ll play a key part in that. Being a Steward 2019 [4820] FINAL
  • The online form can be completed on your computer and submitted online. If you prefer you can download a printed version and post it to 26 Fen Rd., Cambridge CB4 1TX. appform[4819] 2019
  • Photograph – Your Festival ID card will have a photograph of you on it. Please upload a recent ‘head and shoulders’ picture of yourself when you return your application form online or email it to or post a print to 26 Fen Rd., Cambridge CB4 1TX.
  • Confidentiality – all the information that you give us will be kept confidential and used only in connection with Ely Folk Festival. We will not make any of your information available to any other person or group.



Booked for 2019

Nancy Kerr
Martin Carthy
Ferocious Dog
Cara Dillon
Martin Harley
Julie Felix
Melrose Quartet
Rogue Shanty Buoys
Gerry Colvin Band
Two Coats Colder
Tide Lines
Rory McLeod
Stick in the Wheel
Jackie Oates
False Lights
Adrian Nation
Threepenny Bit
Les Barker
Joshua Burnell Band
Cary Otis
Lunch Special
Melody Causton
Saul Bailey
Lucy Grubb Band
Megan Wisden
Andy Wall
Robin Gillan
The Melrose Ceilidh Band
Friday Night Showcase

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