Bringing our Saturday night concert to a close, Steamchicken will set Marquee 1 on fire with their brand of brass driven folk, jazz, blues, jump, jive, soul, R&B big band music. They will also host one of our ceilidhs over the weekend.

A gutsy, genre redefining, twelve piece, brass driven, folk, jazz, blues, jump jive, soul, R&B, monster that puts English ballads into the heart of a new way of approaching swing and big band music. For some years one of the best regarded ceilidh bands on the circuit, Steamchicken have hatched a new brood and, led by vocalist, Becky Wolff (still only just 18), is now breaking on the festival concert circuit with theatrical shows all over.

Not remotely like anyone else and tricky to describe; we call the full show the “Jazz Roots Roadshow”. But it’s not jazz as it’s currently understood, it’s too anarchic and the musicians smile. Folk? Well certainly lots of traditional folk songs (mostly about death) and tunes at one time part of the folk genre. Blues; well lots of country blues – Does it matter what it’s called?

What would Janis Joplin sound like singing Child Ballads backed by Count Basie with Little Walter on Harmonica? How would Fletcher Henderson arrange Playford to feature ragtime mandolin and a horn section? Why do so few bands have “dance like a chicken” features?