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Return of Broom Bezzums

Broom Bezzums  We first came across this critically acclaimed duo a couple of years ago and invited them to play at the festival, where they went down a storm. So, we delighted to invite them back to perform at the 2018 festival.  Broom Bezzums is an award-winning, powerful live acoustic duo comprising the talents and striking stage presence of Andrew Cadie and Mark Bloomer.  Based on Anglo Celtic traditions, Broom Bezzums music is flavoured by Andrew’s Northumbrian homeland and the formidable rock heritage of Mark’s Black Country roots. Andrew’s Northumbrian pipes are the most obvious local reference, while his fiddle playing is heavily influenced by neighbouring Scottish styles. Mark, a seasoned drummer, learned to play the guitar and mandola in his years as a stalwart of the Cork session scene. Welcome back, lads! http://elyfolkfestival.co.uk/artists/broom-bezzums-2/

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