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Morris men on their way!

Wrigleys    Very pleased to announce a long overdue return from one of the best…..Wrigley Head are just about the most authentic North West processional clog side left in England, they claim that accolade as they do traditional called dances rather than set pieces and they seldom practice. This for them is a living tradition, it is not an alternative to Zumba, nor a polished performance done for tourists. Their ageing profile makes for some challenges due to the fast pace of the original dances they learnt, and the predicable mistakes just add to the fun of the spectacle.

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Booked so far for the 2018 festival (subject to contract)

Steve Knightley
Jamie Smith's Mabon
Johnny Dickinson
Anthony John Clarke
The Willows
John Kirkpatrick
Flossie Malavialle
Broom Bezzums
Chris Fox
Alden Patterson and Dashwood
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