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Climb That Tree!

David+Gibb-1_smallest  No – not an instruction to take more exercise, but the title of the brand new musical show from award-winning songwriter and musician David Gibb. David is on a one-man mission to make brilliant, engaging and high quality music for families and children. Join David on a musical journey through his hilarious and often surreal imagination, where dragons live under the bed, wolves are roaming the corridors at school, and teddy bears dance the night away at the disco. Children and families will be entranced as he introduces them to his magical musical tree and,  as each flower opens, shares a new song for them  to sing along with. David’s songwriting draws from a wide range of musical influences, deftly blending folk, jazz, reggae and rock and roll, always with an emphasis on quality and musicianship reminiscent of the classics. David’s show will be performed on Sunday of the festival = a treat for kids large & small!

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Booked so far for the 2018 festival (subject to contract)

Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening
Steve Knightley
Jamie Smith's Mabon
Johnny Dickinson
Anthony John Clarke
The Willows
The Black Feathers
John Kirkpatrick
Flossie Malavialle
Broom Bezzums
Chris Fox
Alden Patterson and Dashwood
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