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Blues supremo lined up for Ely

J Dickinson 2   The first blues musician we booked for the 2018 festival is the redoubtable and very talented Johnny Dickinson. Following a serious illness, Northumberland-born slide-guitarist/singer/songwriter Johnny is now back doing what he does best.   His deft balance of folk and blues is underpinned by his shimmering slide-guitar work and a full-ranged vocal dexterity. The guitar-style is the product of years of poring over the works of country-blues originals like Blind Willie Johnson, Fred McDowell, Tampa Red, Robert Johnson and so on. Blending a long-time affinity with the music of highland pipe-bands Johnny has been able to fashion a Celtic-blues hybrid. Blues, indisputably, is at the very core of his work. We’re thrilled to host Johnny at Ely this year.

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Booked so far for the 2018 festival (subject to contract)

Kathryn Tickell & The Darkening
Steve Knightley
Jamie Smith's Mabon
Johnny Dickinson
Anthony John Clarke
The Willows
The Black Feathers
John Kirkpatrick
Flossie Malavialle
Broom Bezzums
Chris Fox
Alden Patterson and Dashwood
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