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TRADarrr…an early xmas gift for Ely festival

logo_hat_2 1  TRADarrr is a conglomeration of British folk rock musicians and intertwined personalities. Formed from the remnants of the much-loved and much-missed Little Johnny England, TRADarrr is Guy Fletcher, Mark Stevens, PJ Wright, Gregg Cave and Marion Fleetwood. The idea of TRADarrr is of a folk-flavoured big band let loose on a song canon populated by mostly English epic ballads with an odd Irish and Scottish diversion. While taking that inspiration, and retaining a quintessential English feel, TRADarrr has added a 21st century twist. TRADarrr will perform at our Friday night concert.


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A selection of the great acts booked for the 2017 festival. Check out our Line-up page for the full list

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Georgia Lewis Band
Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies
Urban Folk Theory
Causeway Ceili Band
Hans Theessink
Alden Patterson & Dashwood

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