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Oyster Morris

Oyster Morris hail from Kent and dance a vigorous Cotswold style of morris. They comprise both women’s and men’s sides, and put on a colourful and lively performance.

It was from Whitstable’s fame for oysters that the name Oyster Morris was adopted by a group of women who began to dance in the mid 1970s. The men soon followed, so that Oyster Morris now has a men’s side and a women’s side. They dance a vigorous Cotswold style. The music, played mainly on melodeons, or sometimes a flute, is a mixture of traditional and original tunes arranged to complement their dancing. Their energetic style and colourful performance has won acclaim at folk festivals and on tours. They have danced in Germany, Belgium and France, as well as in many different parts of England, but are most commonly to be found in our native Kent.

Oyster Morris is based in Canterbury, but dancers come from Faversham and Whitstable too, plus some from even further afield.
The Green Man, who combines the roles of jester and announcer, symbolises in his make-up and costume of white and green the endlessly changing seasons and, in particular, the new life of springtime. The spirit of spring is also represented by the Jack-in-the-Green figure, which is central to the Whitstable May Day celebrations, the highlight of the Oyster Morris Calender.


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