s4   Chris was a solo performer from the age of fourteen, singing and playing round the folk clubs in Cumbria until she moved to Manchester when she was twenty. In 1993 she joined The Albion Band as lead singer and the following years brought her voice and songs to a much wider audience both in the U.K. and in the international arena. Chris made four albums with the band writing or co-writing much of the material. She left the band in 1997 to pursue a full time career with her duo partner Julie Matthews. Chris is quite simply a skilful, powerful and beautiful singer/songwriter and fine guitarist at the top of her game. Chris will be performing at Ely with her singer-songwriter daughter Kellie considered to have one of the outstanding voices of her generation. Kellie has been a member of some of the most influential and innovative British folk groups of her era, is a much sought-after contributor to the work of major artists and has emerged in recent years as a solo performer. Chris & Kellie will perform in Marquee 1 on Saturday afternoon and again in Marquee 2 on Sunday evening. They will also host an informal ‘meet’ in Marquee 3 on Sunday morning.