Super funked-up ceilidh band Ceilidhography hails from the West Midlands. Based in the English tradition, Ceilidhography provides great musicianship and very danceable tunes – perfect for finishing off the Friday night of the festival at the late night ceilidh.

Ceilidhography’s current line-up of melodeon, fiddle, lead and rhythm guitars, bass guitar and drums has developed over the past eight years, along with a core of great musicianship and rock-solid ensemble playing that has made them popular with festival audiences and promoters across the country.

Originally formed by a couple of ex-morris dancers from the Ironmen and Severn Gilders, Ceilidhography are firmly based in the English tradition. Their influences range from the rocked-up sounds of Oysterband and Peeping Tom through to the intricate playing of Kathryn Tickell and Brian Finnegan, via a huge range of popular styles including jazz, rock, and world music. The band deliver wide variety through their repertoire, whilst always returning to the hugely danceable styles they began with in playing for Northwest and Border morris.