St Mary's Plaque  “I might as well be hanged as starved” (Richard Rutter, a rioter at Ely 1816) .

To mark the 200th anniversary of the infamous Ely & Litleport Riots, Ely Folk Festival has commissioned ‘Bread or Blood’ written by Gareth Calway and with music composed by Andy Wall to tell the story of the Littleport and Ely Riots, which broke out  on  22 May 1816, a year after Waterloo.   The photo shows Gareth and Andy standing next to a plaque on the tower of St Mary’s Church in Ely commemorating the five rioters hanged. Note the chilling threat at the end “May their awful fate be a warning to others.” It certainly was. East Anglia was subdued throughout the riotous decades which followed. For more details on these momentous events which Gareth and Andy will commemorate through word, music and song at Ely Folk Festival, check out this link

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