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Georgia Lewis & Friends

JL2   Winners of our 2016 Band Competition, the band comprises Georgia Lewis – a folk singer and avid accordionist from the depths of Wiltshire. Despite her various musical explorations she has always been most moved by the folk singers she was introduced to as a child.  Recently having taken up the whistles, she began playing at Irish trad sessions, where she found Rowan, and quickly plucked him from his native habitat. When she’s not revamping old folk ballads, she also finds time to play for both The Kemptown Céilí Band and The Redjacks.
Rowan Piggott grew up in Co. Galway Ireland, soaking up the traditional music of the area (the likes of Paddy Fahey, Eddie Kelly, Tommy Coen &c.) from his father, Charlie Piggott (of De Dannan).  Felix “Flex” Miller inherited his passion for the guitar from his father who collected many beautiful instruments during Felix’s childhood. Having grown up in Andorra, his spell-binding playing style didn’t have the chance to blossom until he moved back to England. Since then, he has mastered everything from heavy rock on an electric, to the subtle finger-tapping techniques of Andy Mckee.

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