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Akmed’s Camel

Akmed’s Camel is one of the most experienced ceilidh bands in Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire. It accommodates dancers of all ages, from absolute beginners to ceilidh competitions. Although originating in Lincolnshire, this ceilidh band has a true Scottish sound. The band will be playing for the Saturday afternoon family ceilidh.

The dance caller teaches and then leads the dances to upbeat tunes provided by an experienced group of musicians. Jimmy has called for over 20 years, in London and around the country. A Piano-Accordion fronts the music, with Guitars, Drums, Vocals and other instruments. Although based in South Lincolnshire and North Cambridgeshire, this experienced Ceilidh and Barn Dance Band often travel further afield.


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Line Up

Booked so far for the 2015 festival

(subject to contract)

Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band


Steve Tilston

Les Barker


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