AJ Clarke  Anthony John Clarke? Not only has he written four of the most popular songs on the folk scene ‘The Only Life Gloria Knows’, ‘The Broken Years’, ‘Walking On Sunday’ and the immortal ‘Tuesday Night is Always Karaoke’, but he remains in essence the reason that folk clubs and festivals continue to thrive! He is hilarious, serious, compassionate, irreverent, brave, challenging, and a proper guitarist with an instantly recognisable voice who, despite numerous attempts by Darth Vader to lure him to the dark side, remains one of the best and most engaging performers in the country. A world travelled troubadour, the man is a lyrical feast with just a dash of Viking! It’s been a long time since Anthony John performed at Ely Folk Festival and we’re delighted to welcome him back in 2018. Anthony John will perform on Saturday & Sunday.