Adrian has a unique view of the world and a rare ability to distill that view into the songs he writes and performs. He combines his magic on the acoustic guitar with equally adept vocal skills to produce songs that you can’t get out of your head. Adrian will be performing at the Friday evening and Saturday afternoon concerts.

A talented, committed musician in his youth, Adrian Nation describes his first compositions as “the ramblings of a searching teenager”. He may ramble less these days, but his search continues, and he has evolved into one of the most insightful and incisive songwriters of his generation.

Influenced at an early age by the genius of Bob Dylan and the melodic fluidity of Mark Knopfler’s haunting guitar, Adrian’s teenage eyes and ears were truly opened when the late Isaac Guillory “played the guitar like I had never seen” (Diamonds in the Stream). Reflecting on this experience Adrian says, “Suddenly the acoustic guitar was a much bigger instrument than I ever thought it could be. My mind was set.”

In 1998, Adrian and accomplished guitarist Tim Whitnell formed Six Feet Above. The duo produced one album, Tide’s Up, from which Waiting Game attracted generous airplay in Europe and America. It seems that Adrian had a taste and he wanted more.
Whilst absorbing the prodigious output of Canada’s Bruce Cockburn, Adrian took to playing and composition with a renewed intensity.

Whilst striving to write ‘the songs’ Adrian set about building an instrument on which to deliver them. Working in collaboration with accomplished guitar maker Phil Vigor, Adrian built his own acoustic, which incidentally, is the main guitar he uses on Sowing Seeds. The album made an immediate impact and marked a turning point in Adrian’s now solo career. Self effacing as ever, he said, “It gave me real hope that I had the ability to write songs that had a purpose and meaning, that I would be proud to perform”.